Outreach Programs

Bag of Hope Program
Hospitals and endocrinologists routinely contact JDRF when a child is newly diagnosed with type 1 diabetes (T1D). New families are introduced to JDRF with a Bag of Hope“: a high-quality canvas backpack containing a glucometer and related supplies; a handbook for parents; story books, coloring books, and picture books; other educational materials, and Rufus the diabetic teddy bear, who doubles as a teaching aid for insulin injections.

Mentor Program
Once your family is home from the hospital, JDRF is able to match you with a volunteer mentor, typically from the same geographic area and/or with a child of about the same age. JDRF provides materials and training to mentor families, who can give non medical advice, share personal experiences and most importantly, provide valuable, specialized support when you need it most. We have several trained mentors from each age and stage of T1D and would be able to connect you immediately.

School Advisory Toolkit
JDRF offers the School Advisory Toolkit to assist parents and school personnel in working together on behalf of students with T1D in a respectful and mutually beneficial manner. This Toolkit can be downloaded free HERE.

Adult Type 1 Toolkit Series
As an adult with T1D, you already have responsibilities and tasks that you need to perform each day, and you may be feeling that diabetes will get in the way of what you want to do. A diagnosis of T1D is like starting a journey on a road that is new and unfamiliar. No one should be on that journey alone; JDRF has a series of personal toolkits:

  • Newly Diagnosed T1D
  • Established T1D
  • Planning a Pregnancy with T1D

Adult Type 1 Care Kit
The counterpart for the Bag of Hope, the Adult T1D Care Kit is for newly diagnosed T1Ds ages 16 and above. This messenger-style bag includes a Novo Nordisk patient education kit, Bayer Contour Next meter, Calorie King book, Adult Type 1 Toolkit and more. Please contact McKenzie Graham for an Adult T1D Care Kit at mgraham@jdrf.org or 405-254-1979.