Connect with a Mentor

At JDRF Central Oklahoma, we have a team of trained volunteers who have been there and are available to provide one-on-one support to families and individuals who are newly-diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. Mentors give comfort, answer non-medical questions, provide resources, share stories and offer hope.

We have volunteers of all ages, including parents of young children, teens and adults who want to help. Matches may be parent-to-parent, child-to-child, adult-to-adult, or adult-to-child and are carefully made based on your geographic location and particular situation, such as a child’s grade in school, age at diagnosis, specific issues, etc.  Feel free to request a match to someone with certain qualities that best fit your needs. This relationship may consist of phone calls, emails, face to face meetings, play dates with children or attendance at a JDRF outreach event together. It is up to you and the mentor to shape and build your relationship.

If you would like to connect with a mentor, please contact JDRF Central Oklahoma at or 405.810.0070.