Letter from the President

Dear JDRF friends and families,

It is an exciting time for JDRF Central Oklahoma.

JDRF Central Oklahoma is part of the Oklahoma Chapter which is comprised of the Central Oklahoma office (in OKC) and the Tulsa office.  This partnership was entered into in July of 2013.  This new partnership will provide a greater opportunity for the staff and volunteers in all three markets to collaborate and ultimately build a stronger Chapter.  Each location has maintained its current office, Board of Directors, and all of JDRF’s core programming events (Walk, Gala, Ride).  Each location now has in place a Branch Manager.

Andrea Flowers is the Branch Director the Central Oklahoma office.  Andrea’s career has been focused on fundraising, marketing and event management for the last twelve years.  Jackie Davey was recently promoted to the Office Manager for the chapter.  McKenzie Graham is the new Development Coordinator for the Central Oklahoma office.

If you haven’t met the staff, feel free to call the office to say hello!  I know that you will enjoy getting to know the new staff, as I have, as we work together to further JDRFs mission of finding a cure for type 1 diabetes.


Jennifer McCarty
President, Oklahoma- Central Oklahoma